Seize the day...
...seize your college experience.
Carpe Diem:
Collegiate Alcohol Education

 Seize the day..... Seize your college experience!

Carpe Diem is a 15 hour program specifically designed for college students who have been charged by law enforcement with an alcohol violation and offered a first offender's deferred prosecution by the District Attorney's Office. 

We use a non-judgmental approach to offer educational groups that focus on risk reduction, alcohol education, replacement behaviors, stress management and self-awareness. We partnered with The University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, to develop an evidence-based curriculum and used student feedback to create a unique program specifically tailored for college students. 

University of North Carolina's preferred alcohol education program

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Student Excerpts:

“Carpe Diem is very informative without being judgmental or condescending. It is a good environment to be open and meet new people.”

“I now tell my friends to be more conscious about how much they are drinking and what they are doing while they are drinking.” 

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