No.  Carpe Diem will fulfill the requirement of UNC and the court’s 15-hour diverson program. The court may assign you additional tasks depending on your charges.
Groups are offered throughout the school year and summer. Groups meet once a week from 5:30-7:30pm. Contact the Director for a group schedule.
Groups are held on the campus of UNC-CH. You will be notified of the exact location of the group via email.
After completing all the requirements of Carpe Diem, you will be given proof of completion to turn into the court and to your university.
No. Carpe Diem is only an educational group.
Participants are required to bring a photo ID, a copy of their substance abuse assessment and deferral agreement, and writing materials.
No.  We serve many students who are enrolled in other universities.

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When do groups meet?
Where do groups take place?
How will the court and my school know that I successfully completed Carpe Diem?
Is this substance abuse treatment?
Do I have to take the 4 hour UNC class also?
Do I have to attend UNC-CH in order to enroll in Carpe Diem?
What should I bring to the first group?